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Now available! Purchase Maurizio's signature dough balls and create those same amazing pizza experiences right at home with your friends and family!


With the help of some crazy high tech equipment, Maurizio's Pizzera is able to flash freeze their pizza dough to a core tempurature of -40ºC sealing in all the nessesary freshness for that "oh yum" pizza experince. 


Don't know how to stretch pizza? No problem, check out the Pizza Mastery Academy. We'll teach you all the need to know skills to be that weekend warrior pizza chef. Need a high temp oven? Again, we can help you there too! 🍕



From Frozen 

Thawing frozen pizza dough, remove the dough balls from the freezer and place them into a container in a refrigerator. Wrap them with film or seal your container so they don’t dry out. Note: Balls expand to about twice size when thawed


Ideal Use Conditions

24hours minimum thaw time to 36hours.


End of life

Refrigerator life, maximum 3 days

Take Home Pizza Dough - 4pack

  • Pickup in store only

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