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Maurizio's Pizzeria

Authentic Wood Fired Pizza

Located in beautiful Parry Sound Ontario. Two time International Pizza Creation Champions, Maurizio's Pizzeria, recognized by Google Business and TripAdvisor as the best venue for food and customer service. Our menu is assembled from the freshest ingredients local and abroad. We invite you to try a taste of Italy.

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Chef Maurizio

Proud to Serve You

Founded in 2013, Maurizio's Pizzeria Inc. is known for revolutionizing the way people eat and enjoy Pizza. We take pride in our age old craft of wood fired pizza making and our ability to discover the most unique flavours from around the world. Join us today, we invite you to try a taste of Italy.

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Home: About

Our Menu

Savour The Flavour - Live The Emotion

Maurizio's Pizzeria specializes in Traditional 12" Medium Sized Thin Crust Wood Fired Pizzas

- healthy and delicious -
Our ingredients are fresh and we cater to all types of dietary requirements. 

Our flavourful menu and get in touch with your inner foodie.

Newly expanded menu offering signature Fire Roasted Sandwiches, Calzones and Appetizers.

Call and make a pizza reservation today.

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12" Medium 
Meat Pizza's

Combination Pattern Diet

For those among us that wish to have animal protein and or a combination of animal proteins, vegetables and dairy on their pizzas, this menu is for you!

12" Medium
Vegetarian Pizza's

Vegetables, Dairy and Egg Diet

A pizza menu with all the vegetables, bi-products of animals such as eggs and honey but excluding the animal based protein, then this menu is for you. Join us for the aromatic sensations of pizza art.

12" Medium
Vegan Pizza's

Plant Based Diet

The Vegan Diet. The ultimate challenge in pizza creation artistry. The exclusion of all animal meats and bi-products. Create a pizza with solely fruits and vegetable to dazzle the pallet. Join us, try our creations today!

Home: Our Food

Signature Fire Roasted 

If its not messy, its not worth it

Signature Fire Roasted 

Biggest calzone in Parry Sound

Signature Fire Roasted 

Traditional Italian Oil Bread

Home: Team Members

Meet The Team

Welcome to the Maurizio's Family. A small bunch, but all full of heart and passion for food. Swing by for a pizza with a friend or family. Say hello to the staff, they're always happy to make conversation. Give a wave to Maurizio. He's always happy to see each of his guests.


Chef Maurizio

Pizza Jedi

  • Favourite Hobby: Motorcycling 🏍

  • Favourite Colour: Red / White ❌⚪️ 

  • 2nd Favourite Food: Squid 🐙


Maurizio's Mom

Maurizio's Supporter

  • Favourite Hobby: Cooking👩‍🍳

  • Favourite Color: Red 🚗

  • 2nd Favourite Food: Pasta 🍝

Thank you for all your support. 
Love you Mom


Maurizio's Dad

Maurizio's Supporter

  • Favourite Hobby: 🇮🇹History

  • Favourite Colour: Blue 🚙

  • 2nd Favourite Food: Pasta 🍝

    Thank you for all your support.
    Love you Dad, miss you. RIP



Maurizio's Supporter  ❤️
Operations Officer

  • Favourite Hobby: 🚀Exploring

  • Favourite Colour: Red 👠

  • 2nd Favourite Food: Salad 🥗



CHO - Chief Happiness Officer
a.k.a. Keeper of Treats

This is Charlie. Always happy to see Chef when he gets home from work. #timeToPlayBall 🎾



Position: Team Lead

  • Favourite Hobby: Unicycle ⚙️

  • Favourite Colour: Pink 🎟

  • 2nd Favourite Food:  Mac & Cheese 🍜



Position: Team Lead

  • Favourite Hobby: Skiing ⛷

  • Favourite Colour:  Purple ☮️

  • 2nd Favourite Food:  🍝

Black Cap

We're Hiring - This could be You!

Position: Pizza Brand Warrior

  • Favourite Hobby:

  • Favourite Colour:  

  • 2nd Favourite Food:



Position: Pizza Brand Warrior

  • Favourite Hobby: Piano 🎹

  • Favourite Colour:  Red 🎈

  • 2nd Favourite Food:  Pork Dumplings 🥟

Black Cap


Position: Pizza Brand Warrior

  • Favourite Hobby: Graphic Design 🎨

  • Favourite Colour: Red 🌶

  • 2nd Favourite Food: Sushi 🐡

Have a passion for food? Have a good heart? Not much skill?
No worries, we value a quality personality and ethics over skills.
Feel free to apply.

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